Monday, 15 November 2010

And then it was over

Diddy is now fine with the Jay Electronica following his move over to Roc Nation.

Diddy tweeted "Before we start the week off with rumors. I am not mad at Jay Z! I'm not made at anyone! Jz was not the friend I was referring to be clear"

Jay Elec tweeted back "you should be more clear than that too brother. betrayal is a serious allegation. real talk". Also "and you know im gonnabe me so I aint gonna be holding my tongue if you gon be out here emotional and wreckless with it"

Diddy ended it with "Let's start tje weel off the right way! Spread love people +++ energy! Take That! Hate is for chumps! Never hate congratulate! and tweeted at Jay Elec "I proud of you! I'm happy for you. I love you! I congratulate you Im not bad at you"

Jeez... it hurt to include all those typos and mistakes

Fair play to Jay Elec, get it out and get it sorted