Monday, 17 January 2011

Immediate music takes another step forward

In a bid to try and stem the bleeding of music piracy, two of the biggest major UK labels are announcing a new method for music to be distributed. Under new plans, music will be made available to purchase as soon as it has been released for radio airplay. A similar method was utilised for 2010's X Factor where people were able to download music straight after the live show.

Universal and Sony Music plan to start this immediate music system as early as next month. David Joseph of Universal said that "Wait is no longer in their [consumers] vocabulary" (I know, I know... What a tosser) and that there needed to be a legal way to satisfy this immediate need for the newest music.

Whether this will change consumer habits remains to be seen but it is refreshing to see a label being proactive about the situation instead of placing the blame with fans, file sharing websites and ISP's.