Monday, 17 January 2011

Lil Wayne gets Twitter hacked

Lil Wayne's Twitter account is currently suspended as site administrators try to address a successful hack to @liltunechi.

An unknown hacker hilariously gained access to Weezy's account and, in the process, almost 1,300,000 followers.

Suspicions were initially raised with a tweet at 50 Cent but were confirmed with a tweet sent to Soulja Boy. The hacker tweeted - "I sent a donations to your paypal, check it, I heard you got 13,000 sales lil homie, i feel bad for you! #DamnSoulja"

Soon after, the hacker turned attention to Weezy personally. He tweeted that he had withdrawal from kissing Baby and that the single, 6'7, was in homage to man that he got friendly with during his time at Rikers.

Here are some more hilarious tweets from the hacker:

@thegame you still owe me money for that My Life joint, how your family crip but you blood

Game also got perhaps the funniest tweet regarding the delayed R.E.D Album

@thegame mad his album never coming out while nicki is platinum

@JOEYCRACKTS you fat ass nigga it on when i see you

Finally, Young Money rapper Tyga also got stung concerning news that, despite his current fame and riches, his mother hasn't benefitted at all.

@tyga mom still in the hood? wtf my nigga