Saturday, 29 January 2011

P Diddy and the $1 trillion claim - (possibly the best thing you will read today)

P Diddy is the focus of a $1 trillion claim from an ex - Valerie Turks. Also parties to the claim are Kim Porter (Diddy's ex) and... wait for it... Rodney King (yes, yes the man who got beaten up by the police back in the early 1990's).

Turks also claims that she and Diddy have a son - Cornelius, who is now 23. Then, in a ridiculous couple of sentences, claims that Diddy caused 9/11, put her son in hospital and sold a poker chip belonging to her which she says was worth "100 zillions of dollars". The $1 trillion is broken up into $900 billion in child support and $100 billion in lost earnings.

The case will be heard on 31st January so keep it here for any updates.

I bet you didn't think you would be reading that today.