Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Streets - Cyberspace and Reds

If you are having problems waiting on “Computers and Blues” then have no fear... Mike to the rescue. Skinner has released a mixtape, wittily named “Cyberspace and Reds”, which is rife with UK talent including: Wiley, Kano, Wretch 32 and Jammer.
Originally, to get a copy of the mixtape, there had been a few hoops to jump though which included downloading an app and scanning barcodes on tomato soup... seriously. Now however, Mike has put the mixtape up for your streaming pleasure.
A taster – grimey...
"Dont Hide Away" - The Streets, Wiley, Rinse & Ice Kid by theproprietor

Below is the tracklisting:
1) Came in Through the Door [ft. Kano]
2) 4 O'Clock
3) Don't Hide Away [ft. Wiley, Rinse, and Ice Kid]
4) Too Numb [ft. RoxXxan]
5) Backseat Barz [ft. Loudmouth]
6) Tidy Nice and Neat [ft. Ghost Poet]
7) The Morning After the Day Off on One [ft. Trim]
8) Cinema Barz [ft. Jammer]
9) Breakbat Barz [ft. Scru Fizzer]
10) Something to Hide
11) Robots Are Taking Over [ft. Envy, Elro, and Frisco]
12) Cross That Line [ft. Fumin]
13) Minding My Own [ft. Wretch32]
14) At the Back of the Line [ft. Joey G-Zus]