Tuesday, 15 February 2011

50 Cent not on "Detox"... Set to release a diss record against Dre and Jimmy

Now the diss song part of this news has not surfaced yet but 50 is inferring on twitter that a song is in the making.

The story goes that 50 has been told that he will have no place on Dr Dre's "Detox" which is set for release in the next few months. 50 took to twitter to announce his feelings saying that although he loved them (Dre and Jimmy)... they hated him. He also believes his Sleek headphones line (which is in competition with the Beats headphones by Dre and Jimmy Iovine) is a key reason for this fall out.

If this diss song does surface before Eminem gets involved... this could be some of the biggest hip hop news of the past decade.