Friday, 18 February 2011

And If You Don't Know, Now You Know #1

#1... Lil B

Lil B', prolific Bay Area rapper, released a monumental mix-tape over the weekend. The Free Music Collection, contains 676 songs taken off his various MySpace accounts. He runs over 150 accounts, with 5 songs on each, making him the most active MySpace artist by a long way.

Lil B' is part of the Pack, a group of rappers who describe themselves as “based”. “Based” is another word for swag, and Lil B' is the king of “based”. Prolific distribution saw him clock up 1000 songs before he was twenty-one years old. He's released fourteen mixtapes in two years, is on his second The Pack album and his fourth independent album.

His Free Music collection caps what has been an interesting 2010 for Lil B'. His songs littered YouTube and the hash tag #swag and #TYBG were seen over and over on Twitter. He even became and internet meme; the “Thank You Based God” gracing several pictures over forums and websites throughout 2010.

Now? His all-conquering, prolific raps look set to continue with the release of his first major label album, Glass Face. He's been described as a group of rappers who are post- Lil' Wayne. Alongside the Odd Future stable of rappers, Lil' B is part of the future. 2011 looks set to be the year of Weird-O rappers.

Thanks to @BenjaminJames27 for the knowledge.