Monday, 28 February 2011

Win £10,000 - Find "Pulse and Thunder" - Day V Lately

The good people at Yell have decided to run a competition worth £10,000 following their brilliant Day V Lately ad campaign. The prize is made up of: an entertainment system, a DJ pack, and DJ lessons.

To enter the competition you must:

Find the original’ vinyl of Day V Lately’s "Pulse and Thunder"  (which is not really a trance anthem but was made for the advert). A copy of the record is going to be hidden in record shops the following cities: Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bristol, Cardiff, Brighton, London.

Before going on the hunt, you must register to play on the Yell facebook page. Once you have tracked it down, you must get a quick picture of yourself with the vinyl and upload it to facebook with the caption "yell"

The winner will be announced March 7 on the Facebook page.