Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Chris Moyles steps down - Grimshaw steps up

I've you've been following the twitter feed today @TheLGBoutique, you will have read the news that Chris Moyles is to step down from his morning show on Radio 1.

Moyles made the announcement a little after 8am this morning stating:

"We're off. I wanted to let you know. A couple more months of us, then it's someone else's turn. Thank you for listening."

Radio 1 Controller - Ben Cooper, had been under extreme pressure to make the necessary changes following The Radio 1 Trust's report advising that Chris and the team had failed in their attempts to appeal to a younger audience with an average listener age of between 31 - 34.

At just before 10.30am, news began to leak that Nick Grimshaw had been given the prestigious time slot ahead of Greg James who had been hotly tipped for the role.

Grimmy will.take over the show in September.