Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Elizabeth Price wins the Turner Prize 2012

In a particularly strong year, Elizabeth Price had been awarded the 2012 Turner Prize at the ceremony in the Tate Gallery, London. Paul Noble had been the bookie's favourite for the award for his intricate pencil drawings.

Actor - Jude Law was on hand to announce the award at the ceremony last night (4 December 2012) which includes £25,000 prize-money.

Price was said to be very surprised by the win and praised the other nominees on the list, stating that they all shared "respect, camaraderie and a sense of the absurd".

Price's video installation, The Woolworths Choir of 1979, is in three parts and moves from an exploration of Gothic architecture, through internet clips of the 1960s girl-group the Shangri-Las, to footage of a fire in a Woolworths store that killed 10 people.

Each runner-up nominee is to receive £5,000.